Faux Fur and Sweats in Paris

aimee_song_faux_fur_and_sweats_3I’m little of a sweats person when i actually do use sweats, i enjoy dress all of them up! Paris is stunning and lots of walking is needed and so I swapped into my comfortable Nikes (final seen here) and strolled surrounding this gorgeous city!aimee_song_faux_fur_and_sweats_7song_of_style_faux_fur_jacket_sweat_pantsaimee_song_faux_fur_and_sweats_4aimee_song_faux_fur_and_sweats_6It ended up being rather chilly and windy today (well, almost all of the times I became truth be told there) therefore I layered up my faux fur jacket with a leather jacket. aimee_song_faux_fur_and_sweats_2aimee_song_faux_fur_and_sweats_5aimee_song_faux_fur_and_sweat_pants