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Successful Monday every person!  Hope you’d an excellent weekend!  I became in Brazil for almost a week and got home on Friday of the other day.  Jet-lagged with a runny nostrils, we thought a mild cool coming on.  Sometimes i do believe you can easily only believe your way regarding a cold, however for now, MM and I are appreciating a lot of orange liquid and pho =)

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I adore the form with this skirt.  It’s feminine yet modern.  As well as the colors are so vibrant!  Emerald and mint on the outside and a dash of emerald beneath the flare mint location.

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Winter Green-2

Winter Green-3

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:: Brazil ~ Couromoda ::

I became welcomed to Sao Paulo to attend Couromoda, which is the biggest trade fair for Brazil plus the Latin-American footwear market.  To tell the truth with you, apart from brands that are offered online, we understood very little towards Brazilian footwear business.  The concept of becoming in Sao Paulo and learning more info on one of the biggest business in Brazil really excited me.  Generally MM travels with me, however for this journey, we went alone.  On the first-night truth be told there, the Abicalçados Brazilian Footwear Association hosted a welcome dinner.  Like lunch at an innovative new twelfth grade, we timidly shuffled my way through the crowd looking wide-eyed not knowing the best place to sit.  These are moments when you really appreciate having a travel partner, and at the same time frame, appreciate that it pushes you outside of your social safe place.  The Abicalçados team welcomed myself with hugs and warm smiles, and over the times we invested collectively embraced me like a member of family.  Not only this, I found amazing women on this travel.  Separate women that are entrepreneurs and very bold.  We’d dinners collectively, chatted about world views, and many of us tasted our very first caipirinha (spending hugs to Angela, Elena, Laura, and Alis.  Hope our routes will mix again shortly! =).



:: admiring the gorgeous shoes at Guilhermina ::

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Winter Green-15

:: chatting about embossing textures onto fabric at Cristofoli ::

Winter Green-27

:: sampling various shade swatches at Capodarte ::

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Winter Green-19

As A Result Of The restricted amount of time, We just met with over twelve companies at Couromoda.  Some that had design elements that I liked were Schutz (now available online), Dumond, Capodarte, Guilhermina, Cristofoli, and Carrano.  We considerably appreciate their focus on quality and enthusiasm for shoes that produce ladies feel strong and confident.

During my time indeed there, we learned that Brazil was the top countries that produced footwear for exclusive labels throughout the world.  But as time passes, with price of manufacturing spiraling straight down lower and lower, Brazil had a harder time contending because of the footwear companies in Asia.  For private labels to cut-down expenses, they moved their businesses beyond Brazil.  With exports reducing, many Brazilian companies are focusing on establishing their very own brand name identification.  Focusing on high quality and design, they hope to leave their brand name impact when you look at the worldwide market.

Talking with various companies, I absolutely admired their particular work ethnics and visions.  A majority of these companies indicated that they desire to enter the US market, and they also shared failed attempts in doing this.  Traditionally, they would establish a brick-and-mortar shop to serve as a liaison to present the brand name to your new market.  And for many, this turned into a fruitless endeavor.  Without history, history, or expertise, new companies (especially in brand-new markets) have actually a harder time seeding by themselves.  Being a fashion blogger, we shared this 1 of gateways for me personally to learn about new brands is via the internet.  Much more specifically, personal systems (particularly blog sites, online forums, Twitter, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, plus) became very important.  With so many companies available, in my opinion that respected curation (and word-of-mouth) the most effective sources for hot introductions.  As conversations proceeded, we immensely important an e-commerce component if there clearly was area in their budget or development programs.  Maybe an online boutique and a focus on social media would assist build a portal to come into the worldwide market.

Special compliment of Abicalçados (and Patricia!) for offering me personally the opportunity to visit Sao Paulo and also to find out about the Brazilian footwear industry!

Thank-you plenty for reading!

:: Outfit ::

Top :: Forever 21
Bottom :: Ostwald Helgason
Bag :: Miu Miu (similar here)
Shoes :: Christian Louboutin
Accessories :: Marie Todd cuff (similar right here), Wendy’s Lookbook X Tacori bracelet,
Tacori ring, Deborah Lippmann ‘Fade to black’ polish, BCBG gear (similar right here)