Zürich / August 13, 2014


There’s nothing I enjoy more than being playful by mixing basics and accessories when it comes to fashion. I love how you can make anything your own, any outfit your signature, any look a statement by adding a few key pieces here and there. When it comes to investing, I’ll always invest in accessories first. Because honestly, even though a gorgeous Balmain blazer lasts for ever, I am also very well set with basic t-shirts and rainbow coloured blazer options at H&M. What really defines an outfit, are the accessories we choose to go along with.

I wore this outfit during the day but without the earring and it had a completely different vibe. Adding them, twisted the whole look to become more sophisticated, chic and also perfect for a night out or dinner date. I’ve been loving ILY couture’s jewelry selection so incredibly much. They have tons of beautiful pieces that fit right into the current trends. From statement earrings (like the ones I picked out) to stacked up rings, you really can’t go wrong.

This outfit also shows off some of my other favorite statements of the season that I honestly, just can’t stop wearing. First of all, my new Céline bag which I recently got and am still dying over. A first Céline bag, is a big step. I wanted it to be perfectly minimalistic and representative of the house’s aesthetic. At the same time versatile for me to take it everywhere! I feel like I couldn’t have made a better choice. My heart raced when I first saw it! And last but not least, these Chanel espadrilles. I can’t get myself out of them. They are so comfortable, just like little slippers. I wear them for travel, meetings and going out. Really can’t go wrong.

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RINGS : ILY Couture

BLAZER + SKIRT : Zara (Similar Blazer + Skirt)

TOP : Rag & Bone

SHOES : Chanel

BAG : Céline 

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