Coco & Breezy Launched The Sweetest Collaboration With Twizzlers And Jolly Rancher

If you’ve been looking for a way to upgrade your eyewear game this summer, Coco & Breezy has you covered. Founded by identical twin sisters Corianna and Brianna Dotson, the entrepreneurs have been changing the way that we see since they launched their company in 2009. Today, Coco & Breezy is proud to present a collaboration with Hershey’s for a special collection of sunglasses inspired by Twizzlers and Jolly Rancher. 

The twins told us that their experience working with the iconic candy brand was a total blast and “definitely added a lot of color in our lives,” even going so far to describe this collaboration as the best collection they have ever done. “A lot of our past eyewear collections, we used neutral colors,” they added. “This new collection is very colorful yet chic and sophisticated. We are very excited!”

To top it all off, for today’s launch party, Coco & Breezy will be taking over Hershey’s Chocolate World in Times Square. (Talk about a sweet deal…)

Learn more about the collab in our exclusive interview and peep the whole collection in the gallery, below. We also have some behind-the-scenes footage of Corianna and Brianna’s process for creating the shades, which can now be pre-ordered on their website.



Can you tell us about the inspiration behind each pair of shades?
Corianna Dotson: The Jolly Rancher shades were inspired by the translucent hard candy and their signature wrapper colorway. We used transparent blue and green acetate to represent the green apple and blue raspberry. We have a signature cutout on our temples and incorporated a Jolly Rancher shape cutout on the sides of the stain steel temple.

Brianna Dotson: The Twizzler Twist shades were inspired by the signature Twizzler Twist shape. We used red and black to represent the strawberry and licorice flavors. The temples are made of a flexible stainless steel metal that is rubber-coated in red and black.


What are your favorite pairs from the collection?

CD: My favorite pair is our “Ostara” Twizzlers-inspired sunglasses. We used a light tinted cherry red lens, so they are perfect to wear inside and outside. These have been my everyday frames for the past few months!

BD: My favorite pair is our “Zesiro” Jolly Rancher-inspired sunglasses because this is a classic style that we have had since our first collection—we just improve the design each collection. This time, we did a unique cutout on the metal temples with the shape of the Jolly Rancher candy.

How does it feel to be the first brand to collaborate on an eyewear product with Jolly Rancher and Twizzlers?

BD: It feels groundbreaking to be the first to collaborate with two of the most popular candy brands. Our brand story has always been about breaking rules and creating your reality. This is one for the books and has added more to our story. We plan to continue to surprise people with the unexpected.


What is your favorite Jolly Rancher flavor?

CD: My favorite Jolly Rancher has to be the blue raspberry.

BD: My ultimate favorite Jolly Rancher is the green apple. I remember growing up when we would buy a bag of Jolly Ranchers, we would literally eat up both of our favorite flavors and leave the other flavors in the bag. Twizzler was another one of our favorite candies. We loved the one where you could pull the strings [laughs]. We would pull the strings and create art with it .