faux fur diy


Over the years, going to New York Fashion week during the winter has gotten me to prepare prior to my trips.  Packing during the winter is the hardest since warm clothes take up lots of space so I’ve become a pro at packing only what I’m going to wear. While searching for warm coats for NYFW, I came across this fur military parka but couldn’t purchase it since it’s out of my range and real fur so I decided to DIY it. I’ve been meaning to do this DIY but then got cramped on time so I asked my friend Jennia if she could help me with it.

EVERYONE was asking me about my coat and was so shocked to know it was a DIY!

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. A yard of faux fur with the color of your choice
2. A good fabric scissor
3. Sewing needle that’s about 3 inches long
4. Slightly thick thread that’s same or similar color to the fabric
5. Measuring tape
6. X-acto blade knife
7. Sharpie or fabric pen
8. A jacket or coat
9. Lint roller

1. To start, you will lay your hoodie on its side, and measure the length of the hoodie from the collar to the top of the hood.

2. Before you cute the faux fur, flip it over to the fabric side, and measure it so it is the same lenght as the hoodie.  Mark on the fabric with a sharpie where you will be cutting.  The height of mine measures about 31 inches (we added a couple more inches for room) and the width was about 5 inches where folded in half, so a total of 10 inches.

(FYI, I have to warn you that there’s going to be lots of fur flying around so be sure to start in an “easy-to-clean” atmosphere) 514B1603 514B1615
3. Use a x-acto knife to cut the fabric the length of the hoodie. To keep things more tidy and clean, we immediately used a lint roller to collect the excess fur that fell off while cutting.

4. The trick to sewing something that you will be wearing is to sew your garment inside out, so you won’t be able to see the seam. The same is true with this fur scarf. You will want to start sewing with the fabric sides facing outward so it is easier to sew and will have a clean edge in the end.

5. With your fabric sides facing out, fold the corners of the fur like a triangle, (kind of like how you would fold a napkin, see in the photo above). We did this for both sides of the fur.

6. After folding the fur exactly how you like it, use safety pins to hold the fabric in place so you can easily sew it.

7. Now to the actual sewing. Since we wanted to easily be able flip the inside out when completed, Jennia only sewed together the outer edges of the scarf, and left the inside more open. She then pushed the corner of the scarf into the sewn triangle so it will be easier to flip later on.

8. You will continue sewing the outer edges of the scarf, but be sure to stop and leave about 5 inches not sewn so you can flip the scarf inside out, and then sew the rest of the scarf together to seal it. Since you will be sewing from the outside of the scarf you will notice that the fur will get sewn in with the thread. This can easily be fixed by using the the needle to pull out any unshapely pieces of fur.
9. You are nearly done, all you have to do is sew on (or safety pin) and attach the scarf on the hoodie and VOILA!

Making this faux fur scarf is not a hard process at all, but it is definitely time consuming. In the end though it looks great and since we took the time to sew the outside first and flip it, the fur covers the stitches. This might be my new favorite DIY!! We had left over fur so Jennia even made me a scarf that kept me warm during fashion week!
aimee_song_blue_faux_fur_military_jacket_DIY_2images of me by Urban Spotter & nyavjoe