Evolution of Omega- Timeless Timekeepers

The moment you behold the sight of an Omega watch, your eyes are not just seeing a watch rather you encounter a story, a story of Omegas evolution since the time humanity first witnessed an Omega watch ages ago in 1848. Hailing from the worlds largest watch company, the Swatch Group, Omega is one of the most popular Swiss watch brands.

A Blog To Watch says, Omega has evolved a lot over the last decade but is thankfully strongest where it counts when producing refined tool watches with a lifestyle twist.

Omega is often heralded as the king of watchmaking. Its easy to see why. Their designs have been sleek, pleasing to the eye, and sights to behold since the first Omega wristwatch. Since then, they have grown and created much more intricate wristwatches that are definitely worth your time (pun intended). Here are some of their highlights throughout the years.

The Omega Wristwatch

Omegas first minute-repeater wristwatch was launched in 1892. Resembling a pocket watch, this wrist watch continues to be a fantasy watch to many given its intricate design and the vintage case. According to monochrome-watches.com, this beauty was used by British soldiers during the Boer War of South Africa. The soldiers apparently praised it for being able to function well despite the blistering desert heat, the merciless sandstorms, and the heavy rain. That would be enough for anyone to head to the store and pick a new Omega watch.

Evolution of Omega  Timeless Timekeepers

Omega Constellation

Definitely one of Omegas more ephemeral-looking wristwatches, the Omega Constellation aimed to give off a sense of sophistication while at the same time giving the wearer a sight that brings them to the stars. It was officially advertised as Omegas first wristwatch chronometer ever to be serially manufactured, and passed every test it took with leaps and bounds. Its golden frame added to the amount of awe people got by just seeing it. It was reliable, durable, and always precise. It was heralded as another fantastic hit for Omega.

Evolution of Omega  Timeless Timekeepers

The Legendary Omega Speedmaster

This is probably the most famous of all the watches Omega has ever produced. Made in 1957, the inception of it actually began with another man who had made a watch that was also a chronograph. Putting their heads together, Omega eventually made the Speedmaster. For something made more than fifty years ago, its timeless design still holds up even to the most uptight of fashion police. What really makes this timekeeper stand out, however, was its use by NASA in the space program. Used in the Apollo program, the Omega Speedmaster became the first watch ever used in outer space. Today, Omega still holds that as their most legendary achievement and builds upon it by designing modern watches with that feat in mind.

Evolution of Omega  Timeless Timekeepers

The Master Co-Axial Calibres

That just sounds fancy, doesnt it? This is a much more recent watch, created just last year. The greatest feat about this behemoth though, is that it was implanted with a special design, which in result, made it the first anti-magnetic watch in history. For those who dont know, magnetism can really screw up the workings of a watch, and to finally have something that resists that problem altogether is truly a wonder of modern technology. Once Omega was able to perfect their design, they introduced a line-up of eight watches all with this feature inside. An Omega watch resistant to any magnetic damage or interference? Youd be hard pressed to find something better.

Omega Seamaster 007

If the number instantly made you think of the titular spy, James Bond, then youre on the right track. It was created in honor of the 50th anniversary of the fictional legend himself. When a watch is designed based on one of the most well-known spies of all time, you know youre in for a treat. Naturally, the watch is gorgeous with unique hands and design all over. Its not just easy on the eyes though, as its construction is incredibly well-balanced and is easy to hold on all accounts. It is a limited edition watch, so if you want it, you better get moving quickly before you cant get your hands on it. GraciousWatch.com says that this Seamaster will be a definitive collectors item for any James Bond fan, so if that applies to you, Id have your wallet ready.

Omega bestows the world with some of the most well-crafted and beautiful watches to ever come from any crafter. The collection of Omega Watches on Ethos is something one shouldnt skip before buying a beauty from this brand. Have a look and you will realize the great features that constantly making new advancements in watch construction as a whole. You cant deny that Omega watches are some of the worlds most fancy and sophisticated wristwatches in all of history. If youre looking for a good watch that will give you some immediate credibility, then look no further.