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Happy Friday everyone!

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I fell asleep and woke up with a massive headache and sore throat yesterday.  Trying to get dress for a fun luncheon event that morning, I felt like mush.  And it projected in whatever I tried on.  I felt sick and looked the part.  Then I realized… If I wore something fun, it might free me from feeling so sick.  It was as though I can trick myself into feeling better if I dressed more thoughtfully.  Immediately I grabbed my tulle skirt.  What’s more mood enhancing than a whimsical tulle skirt?  Probably nothing.  Well, maybe brunch =)  To add some juxtaposition, I paired my feminine skirt with a leather jacket to toughen up the look.  I left my place and headed to the event feeling so much better!

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A handful of cough drops and lots of soup and water later, I feel a little better now.  If you don’t mind, I might do a sick day blog post tomorrow if I still have this pounding headache and scratchy sore throat.  Wishing you a wonderful sick-free weekend ahead!

Thank you so much for reading!

:: Outfit ::

Top :: Burberry jacket (similar here), Loft top
Bottom :: tulle skirt thanks to Space46!
Shoes :: Christian Louboutin (similar here)
Bag :: Chanel
Accessories :: Ellis Faas ’101 Ellis Red’ lip color, Tacori earrings and ring,
zebra belt thanks to B-Low The Belt!

:: Photography ::

David Kim