off the shoulder top


Since it’s the weekend, I’m taking you guys back to when I was in Palm Springs back in May. A place great for a weekend get away and a must place to visit if you’re in California.

While I was in Palm Springs, not only did I visit the Salvation Mountain (as seen here and here) but we also drove through Joshua Tree National Park. We went through the Cholla Cactus Garden in Joshua Tree National Park first because I have a thing for cactus but as soon as I got out of the rental car, there was a bunch of bees swarming in the parking lot. I still looked through the cactus garden and got a couple of shots but realized there were way too many bees and by the time I got back  to the parking lot, there were even more bees swarming around and a lot of them were swarming right by the cars. Thankfully, I didn’t get stung and I somehow managed to escape the bees but the whole bee situation reminded me of one of my favorite movies, My Girl when Macaulay Culkin gets attacked by the swarming bees. I’m not exaggerating but there were that many bees. The only difference was those bees weren’t coming after me, thank goodness.

aimee_song_road_tripping_in_palm_springsaimee_song_white_off_the_shoulder_top_palm_springsaimee_song_off_the_shoulder_top_chanel_girl_bag_denim_button_down_skirtRemember my Chanel Girl bag from this post? It was my bag of choice throughout the entire time I was in Palm Springs because it fits so much and has that bohemian vibe to it that seemed so perfect with Palm Springs. aimee_song_off_the_shoulder_top_gold_necklacesYou saw this Tibi off the shoulder top before here and here, and I really love how flattering it can be so I wore it again with an easy going button down denim skirt and layered my gold necklaces.

aimee_song_denim_button_down_skirt_lace_up_sandalsaimee_song_white_off_the_shoulder_top_denim_button_down_skirt_lace_up_sandalsaimee_song_joshua_Tree_palm_springsThese are called the Teddy Bear Cholla.


Tibi Off The Shoulder Short Sleeve Top (more affordable here, here, and famine version here)
Zara Button Down Denim Skirt (similar here at ASOS and Nordstrom)
Cornetti Gladiator Lace Up Sandals (similar Topshop ones at Nordstrom and more Cornetti here)
Chanel Girl Bag in Tweed
Chloe Dafne Sunglasses