’90s Trends That Haven’t Made A Mainstream Comeback Yet

From the mom jean to the choker and everything in between, it seems as if the most prevalent resurgence of trends of the past few years have come from the ’90s. And while there are certainly some trends like chinos that are best left to nostalgia and some that have been eliminated entirely by technological developments (bye, beepers), there’s still an entire treasure trove of styles that are patiently waiting for their second chance. After all, if Delia’s and Limited Too can reopen their doors, there’s clearly a market for it all.

Still, just because rayon shirts and chain wallets deserve another shot at some sartorial love doesn’t mean that they can’t evolve. With different styling tricks and some DIY TLC, there’s a way to bring some of the most quintessentially ’90s trends into the post-Y2K world. Click through the gallery to find six styles worthy of a comeback, and find out how to rock them in 2016.